April 15th 2014

next piece.. making progress!

thankfully this is a really easy one to complete

April 13th 2014


April 13th 2014


April 12th 2014

hhhhhmm blushing

April 07th 2014

my OTP (emphasized by my blatant overuse of blushing and pink hearts)…
click on hi-res for a better view
man I need to draw Moses more!

April 06th 2014

jay jay jay
I love his tights!

April 06th 2014

im so obsessed with jay right now!
so have a doodle…there will be more to come

April 06th 2014

im slooowly working :/

April 05th 2014

working on this piece again (FINALLY)

April 03rd 2014

Its her innocence that makes him gentle