August 31st 2014
i saw your post about the kanaya tutorial, does that mean you don't have the terezi glasses tutorial up either?
asked by Anonymous

its not on my blog anymore but that one is easy to find online since I didn’t have it under a readmore!

Heres a link to it,I found it through a quick google search

August 29th 2014

Finally finished these little aliens!  `·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸><((((º>  

(full view please)

August 19th 2014
How come you deleted your kanaya skirt tutorial???
asked by Anonymous

Aw crap

I had deleted all homestuck tutorials from my blog cause I didn’t really want them on there anymore, but I thought it would be ok since lots of people reblogged them so they would always be available

but I didnt realize that the read more would make it impossible for people to read it T_T I feel really bad now… I dont have it backed up on my computer either eauuugh (I DO have the kanaya chainsaw one backed up though)

I’m sorry everybody :( I didnt really think it through when I deleted it. I may or may not have it on my old computer but it would take me a while to find it cause that thing is really destroyed 


(I apologize in advance for that person who may or may not start seeing notes from that)

August 17th 2014

spoiler for the piece I’ve been working on :P

I’ve made lost of progress since I last posted about it… I’m almost done!

August 17th 2014

Messin around with brushes
I like it better cropped though

August 09th 2014

sweetieknight replied to your photo“wip! Havent done digital in a long while”
THANK YOU! I just color blocked and now I’m ready for 10000 years worth of cleaning this thing up T_T
August 09th 2014

wip! Havent done digital in a long while

August 01st 2014



Requested by RettoZetto!

This is so AWESOME! You guys should commission my buddy Nakkers to make you one of these really cool vector pieces!

As you can see they are extremely high quality and if you commission you’ll get a print of the piece sent to you!

July 11th 2014


I am currently opening pre-order for my Free! Future Fish charm straps on my storenvy! They will be printed on clear one sided acrylics with straps.

Available in couple sets and individually as well! Pre-orders will be open until July 25th.


Couple Pack


For Indonesians, these will be available shortly through IDMO on facebook.

These are soooooo cute! Rei and Nagisa are my favorite 

Please everyone, check out their shop!

(and signal boost too! this doesn’t have enough notes)

July 06th 2014

I managed to get a 5 on my AP portfolio, and I’m so happy!

I worked really hard on this all year… I’m really glad it paid off in the end :D

The concept was a blue haired girl who never shows her eyes; here are a few of my favorite pieces!