October 03rd 2014


Here’s a beach Aoba because I wanted to draw blue hair

Wtf you never show me anything you draw

Man everyone go follow my sister
her art is so COOL

September 23rd 2014

Memoirs of a Brown man: the story of Pebble de Peña 
a young poor man with dashing brown hair, rich brown skin, and dazzling brown eyes like a… pebble

The spiciest young man to ever kiss a sweaty middle-aged merchant.


the story:
Plasticoctopus and I were playing this text adventure game and we gave the guy 1000% brown features… “my eyes were like pebbles”… thus Pebble de Peña  was born. In trying to make him as average as possible we unwittingly created the most manipulative dashing young man to ever exist. As we married him off for money it was like giving up a dear child. Pebble de Peña you will be missed.

I recommend that when playing the game, you, too, name your player character Pebble de 
Peña, so that you may experience what we did on that fateful night.

September 22nd 2014

What if we made a Tsuritama Secret Santa


I noticed a few fandoms are planning on making a secret santa and I thought it would be a good idea to bring it to our show too! Tsuritama’s fandom isn’t as big as DnA’s/HQ!!’s/KnB’s but I think it would work if well organized.

1. why should we try to do it?

To have more Tsuritama related works (drawings, fanfics, edits, …), to make more people feel interested on watching it and, of course, to have fun! And let’s be real, having a good time with people who like the same thing as you is kinda the main reason

2. how do you plan on organizing it?

Well it’s not like I’ll actually do it //right now// ahahaha as everything in this blog says, it’s still an idea. I don’t even know how many people will be interested o<-< (even tho I’d still be excited to make it real with 4 others tsuritama loving rods)

3. okay i’m interested, how can i contact you?

You can talk to me either by sending an ask or posting things with #trtmss tag.

I think that’s it for now! If you feel interested, /please tell me/ and show this to more people so we can discuss whether it should happen or not.

For those of you who have always longed for a Tsuritama Secret santa…
express your interest! :^D

September 20th 2014

Well done, oresoren

(I always draw Jay looking really glitzy even though I dont even see him that way)

September 20th 2014

I had taken a lot of progress snapshots of the tsuritama piece I did, so I finally decided to make a gif of it! It’s a little grainy since I had to lower quality.

September 19th 2014

kathleen-connor said:

Your artwork is fabulous! ;m; Would it be okay if I asked you to draw my oc? She’s alllll over my blog. Even my display pic thingy.

Had fun with the glow-y green :^D

Reminder that requests are still open!

(Might take only a couple more? We’ll see.)

September 18th 2014

karcuttle said:

for an art request would you draw my OC? trollkota(.)tumblr(.)com/tagged/timakins (theres one nsfw pic in there tho so be careful ! o: )

haven’t drawn a troll in sooooo long! Hope you like it! :^)

***Reminder that requests are still open!****

September 18th 2014

aromanticmadoka said:

!! For art requests could you draw sinon from gun gale online? Or perhaps one of my oc’s on my /OCs page? Thank you for considering!!

I picked your ocs because they were so cute! :D

Reminder that requests are still open!

September 18th 2014


HEY HEY HEY! I’m thinking of opening REQUESTS right now since i feel like drawing but can’t think of anything.

So feel free to send me a character/ prompt! :D

I dont care what character/prompt it is, so anything goes! It’s all good practice in the end so don’t be shy :^) (if it isnt a character from something, then try to be pretty specific!)

EDIT: I will no longer be taking any fantroll/ homestuck requests.


September 10th 2014

All I ever show you guys are portraits
one day I will post something from my sketchbook :’|