July 11th 2014


I am currently opening pre-order for my Free! Future Fish charm straps on my storenvy! They will be printed on clear one sided acrylics with straps.

Available in couple sets and individually as well! Pre-orders will be open until July 25th.


Couple Pack


For Indonesians, these will be available shortly through IDMO on facebook.

These are soooooo cute! Rei and Nagisa are my favorite 

Please everyone, check out their shop!

(and signal boost too! this doesn’t have enough notes)

July 06th 2014

I managed to get a 5 on my AP portfolio, and I’m so happy!

I worked really hard on this all year… I’m really glad it paid off in the end :D

The concept was a blue haired girl who never shows her eyes; here are a few of my favorite pieces!

June 22nd 2014

enchanteddemideerboy replied to your photo“I might make this a new icon…”
hey there *dramatic pose* darling >;]
June 22nd 2014

I might make this a new icon…

June 22nd 2014

He should really invest in a zipper :p 

June 21st 2014

It would be really cute if he tucked his hair behind his ears :’|

(sort of spoiler but not really at all)

May 21st 2014

I rarely post sketchbook stuff (even though that’s all I really do anymore), so I thought I might post some :^)

May 06th 2014

I finished my last portfolio piece :D

April 28th 2014

Gooey yolk boy speed paint
(finished image here)

April 28th 2014

(please fullview)

Yolk boy I drew … speedpaint of this is here!

Bon Appétit! (if raw egg is your thing, I guess)