Terezi Glasses

A small handful of people wanted to know how I made the glasses, so here you go guys! INCLUDES PICTURES

BE SURE TO TELL ME IF THERE ARE ANY INCONSISTENCIES OR IF IT ISN’T CLEAR ENOUGH IN CERTAIN PARTS. I want to make this thing as best and as easy to follow as possible, be sure to tell me! Don’t be shy.


Bought a pair of red (comically shaped) sunglasses. Chose ones with ample space.


NOTE: if you decide to use the same glasses as I did, be aware that the green stem part is what holds the arms to the lens. You WILL need to buy *2 more screws, and *2 more nuts. The drill bit I used was 1/16 of an inch in size, and the screws fit perfect.

Didn’t really have a picture for this part, but I basically took the arms off of the glasses (sounds morbid) and tucked away the teeny tiny screws in a safe box for later. Whether or not you decide to take the bridge off the glasses is your call. I think they give more stability when scoring but that’s just me. BE SURE TO SAVE EVERY SINGLE SCREW AND NUT. It’ll come in handy later.


Made a paper pattern (copy of my pattern here) in the shape of desired lens and taped it to the hilariously shaped sunglasses. Using the paper shape as a guide, I traced the lines with a blade. I probably scored that shit for at least 30 min. Okay maybe not that long, but I made it a point to score it a whole bunch. The more you score the plastic, the easier it will be to break into the desired shape.


After I scored that chili’s red hot ass into the ground, I broke off the areas I didn’t need (AKA the crap outside the pattern I traced). I sorta just used force against the surface I was working on and pushed the plastic till it broke. This shit makes no sense, sorry guys.



that shit looks so horridly rough and disgusting. That’s why I took some sand paper and made the edges baby smooth.


Did the same exact thing or the other lens. Ugh, repetition sucks when it means double the work. Now you should have two sexy red lenses, sittin’ there lookin’ mighty fine.


Okay so I salvaged the screws from the nose piece and tucked them away all safe and sound in my little box of magic. (<-?) Then I used my little bridge to figure out where I wanted the new holes to be.


Used a pen to mark where I wanted to drill, be sure to double check and check again that everything matches up, you don’t want to be a lazy asshole and screw up like this idiot right here.


Because of the bursting manliness involved in the act of drilling holes I couldn’t get any pictures. I’m sure you get the concept of drilling holes, if you’re not comfortable with using power tools then practice on those ugly scraps of plastic you didn’t use. Practice really helps a whole bunch.


Okay so now I took those precious little screws that I saved and set everything into the new holes I made. Now I have two lenses connected by the bridge! Bravo fellas, almost done.


I made sure to connect the middle bits (the lenses and bridge) before I even marked where I wanted the arms to be places. I had to decide where it was going to be placed for maximum comfort, having everything else already finished made this so much easier. It’s never a good idea to do things blindly guys.

So once I got the middle done, I figured out where I wanted to place the arms and marked them with a pen. Then I drilled some holes and attached the screws and VIOLA-

Finished glasses!

And this is what it looks like on an actual person’s face:

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