October 13th 2012

gonna do the 31 day monster person challenge

day 1: avian 

October 07th 2012

megan said she didnt like thin fem tavros

October 05th 2012


September 30th 2012

Don’t forget. Always, somewhere, someone is fighting for you. As long as you remember her, you are not alone.

some madokas! 
(view it in high res) 

September 21st 2012

the last pages i scanned of my sketchbook
I kinda want to keep uploading four pages a day itll help me draw more too i think 

September 20th 2012


more sketchbook pages
more homestuck 

September 18th 2012

i just scanned in a lot of pages from my sketchbook so im gonna try and upload four a day till friday
I used to draw grimdark rose ALOT 

September 18th 2012


Heppy Helloween

im gonna bring this back because i still like it

September 17th 2012

best art trade with meganstopit im not gonna link to her blog because im lazy

September 16th 2012

megan said she didnt like when sollux was drawn with a triangle nose
drawn in stunning 300 dpi with my laptops trackpad