September 28th 2013

Here are some references! Hope these help you out. Just let me know if you need a more specific picture or something :^P
The first two pictures are from a long time ago, but maybe they’ll help you see the pieces better since theres no paint

(making this public so anyone can get help from it… also because photosets are compact)

February 05th 2013
( t.A.T.u/Homestuck - 30 Minutes Until The Flare )



30 Minutes Until the Flare // Homestuck vs. t.A.T.u

can we fly?
do i stay?
we could lose
we could fail 


so uh these songs go pretty well together! i used my minimal audio editing skills to mash ‘em together and i sorta like the results. the lyrics fit pretty well in the context of Flare, too.

music for the end of the world

October 31st 2012

i was aradiasprite for halloween 
im happy that i actually got to wear her again!
ps the makeup is 1000% shittier in real life  

October 20th 2012

Hey people going to Onicon imma be there in like an hour come find me

October 07th 2012

megan said she didnt like thin fem tavros

September 18th 2012


Heppy Helloween

im gonna bring this back because i still like it

September 17th 2012

best art trade with meganstopit im not gonna link to her blog because im lazy

September 16th 2012

megan said she didnt like when sollux was drawn with a triangle nose
drawn in stunning 300 dpi with my laptops trackpad 

September 11th 2012


a really blurry picture of me and laura as ironic equius and nepeta halloween last year, because i’m a lot taller than her hrghrhga;dksfj

gomen, i’m really bad at cosplay, and i still need to fix those horns, because they’re way too close together, and i’m also going to make a better hat at some point, and probably get a better jacket and a good shirt, instead of one that i painted myself haHAHALSDFkjawe;sj ;;;;;

we also didn’t paint, because it was just for halloween, and hrghrhg money for body paint more like no thanks

more like we both made the cosplays the day before HAHAHA
you are so cute though omfg 

July 09th 2012

omfg guys i just found this i dont even remember taking it